Welcome to Dubai City, the largest and most fascinating city of the United Arab Emirates. Today is Wednesday, . Local time in Dubai is 7:54 am.
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Dubai is situated on the southern shore of the Persian Gulf, in the East of the Arabian Peninsula.
With an estimated size of 2,400 sqm it is the second largest of the seven Emirates of the UAE – the United Arab Emirates.
In 2008 only 10 % of the 1.5 million inhabitants were national Emiratis, the rest were foreigners attracted by Dubai's prosperity resulting from tourism in the first place and it's oil in the second. The state of Dubai is commonly referred to as a city and as the most modern and cosmopolitan place in the Emirates, although, due to it's islamic culture it is also strongly based on traditions. The currency is AED or Dh: Arab Emirates Dirhams.
The country's ruler, Sheik Mohammed, is considered to be the i nitiator and mentor of the success. His idea to focus on tourism, technologies and the expansion of commercial and corporate activity instead of relying on the decreasing amount of oil made Dubai become the fastest growing and most popular city in the world.
Here one can find the world's tallest tower, earth's biggest shopping mall and stunning projects like the palmtree islands or 'the world' - artifical islands which form the continents of our planet from the bird's eye perspective. Even in these days of crisis Dubai is still seen as the number one in innovation and world records, a place that combines past and future, that withstands the natural elements of sea, sun and sand, a symbol of luxury and leisure.

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